Opening of the test wall in Nebelin

On May 5, 2020, the completed test wall at the day care center in Nebelin, Brandenburg, was opened and presented to the public. The 8  m long and 2.20 m high loam wall in combined “Wellerlehm” and compacted loam construction technique was built as a test and for the purpose of presentation as part of a feasibility study for an innovative noise protection wall made of loam on a section of the A14 motorway. Many villagers from Nebelin, children from the kindergarten, political personalities of the federal state and of the county, press, and the craftsmen and scientists involved in the feasibility study and in the building of the test wall were present at the opening ceremony and presentation.

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Infinite degrees of freedom – in the public space

Conference on Thursday, 5 March 2020, from 9:30 to 16:00
On Wittenberger Weg in Düsseldorf-Garath

The interdisciplinary conference ‘Infinite degrees of freedom – in the public space’ evaluates seven years of artistic work. It explores the freedom of thought and action opened by artistically accompanied processes. It examines how this freedom of thought and action creates a common public space. The conference is a contribution to the joint project 100 jahre bauhaus im westen.

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Invitation to the Centre of Periphery

On the occasion of KUNSTPUNKTE DÜSSELDORF we have shown projections by Ricardo Basbaum (Rio de Janeiro), Andrea Hofmann and Nina Peters (raumlabor Berlin), Folke Köbberling (Berlin/Braunschweig) at the communication platform Wiesencafé. Friday 13th September 2019

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Artists in Wittenberger Weg. September 2019

Folke Köbberling

In September 2019, Folke Köbberling is a scholarship holder of Artists in Wittenberger Weg. She brought sheep’s wool from Berlin. Many helped to twist threads out of it and Folke Köbberling crocheted a thick carpet for the “Wiesencafé”. She is a visual artist who lives in Berlin and teaches at the TU Braunschweig.

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Sustainable noise protection and renaturation promotion

Instead of a conventional solution, such as an earth wall or steel/aluminium/concrete wall, we propose a noise protection prototype in rammed earth or Weller loam construction technique between kilometers 16 to 20 as part of the construction of the A14 south of Karstädt.

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Artists in Wittenberger Weg. September 2020

Building with Martin Kaltwasser

in the frame of Artists in Wittenberger Weg, in September 2020, the sculptor Martin Kaltwasser stays in Wittenberger Weg in Düsseldorf. Anyone interested may participate to create imaginative wall reliefs on the walls of two buildings next to the community platform with collected and donated wood. Together, the parking garage will be transformed into a beautiful palace. A newly installed blackboard can be used by all. We will also build something on the room next to the platform.

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April/May 2020: Test wall in Nebelin

As part of the feasibility study for a sustainable and innovative clay noise protection wall on the A14 motorway, a test wall will be erected in Nebelin, probably at the end of May, to test and illustrate the Wellerlehm (cob) and Stampflehm (rammed earth) construction methods (videos).

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Urban planning from the inside
Some ideas for better cities

Ute Reeh and Andrea Hofmann
Peter Behrens School of Art PBSA / HSD

In this participatory study project, students of the PBSA and pupils of the Alfred-Herrhausen-Schule in the immediate neighbourhood negotiate wishes and requirements for an urban development for the area of the former Nirosta factory in Düsseldorf Benrath will be converted to a residential neighborhood.

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Body | Conversation on communication furniture to make the whole and through it the relevance of its parts visible by means of communication.

Elements for a theory of periphery
Sunday 7 July 2019, 3 pm | Villa Waldfrieden | Cragg Foundation | Hirschstraße 12 | 42285 Wuppertal, Germany

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Artists in Wittenberger Weg. July 2019

Ricardo Basbaum – percussive politics

Ricardo Basbaum is an international guest of Artists in Wittenberger Weg in Düsseldorf-Garath from 30 June to 14 July 2019. In his choreografic diagramms, he investigates the network of relationships between object, spectator, participant, experience, change, the society and its traumas.

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