Artists in Wittenberger Weg. 2020

Building on Wittenberger Weg with Martin Kaltwasser

14 to 27 September

Martin Kaltwasser, 2013 Intarsienwand Fllotte Karotte company building Bochum. Photo: Tom Pingel 2014

Participation open to all:

Thursday 17.09. 14 – 18 hrs
Friday 18.09. 19 – 22 o’clock
Saturday 19.09. 14 – 20 hrs
Sunday 20.09. 12 – 18 hrs
Thursday 24.09. 14 – 18 hrs
Friday 25.09. 14 – 18 hrs
Saturday 26.09. 14 – 18 hrs

Wittenberger Weg 1, 40593 Düsseldorf

Anyone who wants to use collected and donated wood to build imaginative wall reliefs on the walls of two buildings next to the community platform. By working together, the parking garage will be turned into a beautiful palace. A newly installed blackboard can be used by all. We also build something on the room next to the Wiesencafé platform.

Everybody is welcome to help build and design. Foreknowledge is not required.
Anyone can learn to build with wood!

In the frame of Artists in Wittenberger Weg, in September 2020, the sculptor Martin Kaltwasser lives in Wittenberger Weg in Düsseldorf.

Martin Kaltwasser, 2013 Intarsienwand Fllotte Karotte company building Bochum, Ausschnitt, © MK

Kurzbiographie Martin Kaltwasser

Martin Kaltwasser (*1965) studied fine arts and architecture. He works in the fields of installation, object, design, performance, architecture and urban research and especially in public space. He works mostly site-related and combines research with spatial, object-related, architectural implementations. Many of his projects are participatory and use waste from urban space. From 2004 to 2015 he worked together with the artist Folke Köbberling. Since 2013 he has been working as a solo artist and in changing collaborations, for example 2013-2014 together with the theatre group Showcase Beat Le Mot Construction of the theatre building Ding Dong Dom in Berlin. Construction of the Los Angeles Garden for the IGA Berlin 2017, subsequently as a permanent extension of the Gardens of the World. Since 2019 Martin Kaltwasser is professor for sculpture at the Department of Art and Art Science of the Institute of Art and Material Culture at the Technical University Dortmund.

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