Elements for a theory of periphery

#1 Centrifugal force and deceleration

Poster for the event
(top: front side, bottom: back side)

Sunday, 05.06.2016
Brainstorming for a concept and initiation of the collection of modules for a theory of periphery: Ute Reeh
Bentlage Monastery, Rheine, Germany

To make interdependences visible is one of the potentials of visual arts. Unnoticed aspects, relationships, and recurring patterns can be represented as variable plastic entities; they can be inspected from all sides and they can be influenced. A perspective on society as a structure in process creates an attitude of freedom and and opens possibilities for things and aspects which otherwise seem difficult to change.

„It’s a matter in which all of us have to take the responsability to use this space, and to use it equitably, so that different conceptions on freedom and beauty find their space, and so that they be available for options not offered by controlled structures.“
Jan-Christoph Tonigs, künstlerischer Leiter Kloster Bentlage, in: dekfa, Video, Ute Reeh, 2013

Video of the discussion in Bentlage Monastery, 6 min.