Competition Zukunftsstadt (City of the Future): Perspectives-2030

Motto: So we can stay!

In May 2015, Perleberg and Wittenberge were jointly selected to take part in the first phase of the “Zukunftsstadt” competition, a multi-stage process sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (Bundesforschungsministerium, BMBF) in which the development of ideas is promoted – for the future, for the region. The concepts submitted by both cities convinced the awarding authority – and the two cities’ proximity in terms of urban necessities and geography was seen as an opportunity to jointly shape the process: Together, and including the citizens.

The future, as everyone in this and so many other regions of Europe knows, holds very special challenges that are to be addressed in a joint dialogue: De-industrialisation and demographic change have the consequence that fewer and fewer, and older people live here, while younger people often find it difficult to imagine their professional future at home.


Examines the strengths found in the region to test new forms of interaction between economy, education, social togetherness, and beauty.

Children, young people and adults together: their ideas of the future will be visualized, connected, pursued and implemented together with experts. The aim is to find concrete solutions that work in everyday life and are economically viable in the long term. The cooperation includes all of them in an exemplary way.

Cooperation from within: The younger and the youngest as well as the people at the grassroots level are favoured with their ideas ― they get two steps ahead in the process.

Cooperation from above: City leaders, interested advisory councils, committees, associations, entrepreneurs and committed individuals are involved in the process.

Cooperation from the edge: Former residents of Perleberg and new residents connected to the city are involved as well.

Cooperation from outside: The exchange with communities in similar situations and with universities researching the relevant issues will be included.

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