Elements for a theory on periphery

#3 Space in between

Sunday, 21.01.2018 │ KYOTOBAR, Gereonswall 75, 50670 Köln│Exhibition 15.-21. January, 12-18 hours │ #3 in the row Elements for a theory of periphery

Minitrailer for ‘#3 Space in between’, Kyotobar, Cologne, in January 2018 (35 sec, no sound)

Space in between (aka ‘holes in concepts’)is the subject of the third discussion forum of the row. It took place in the project space Kyotobar of the architectural office Schilling, Cologne. Johannes Schilling’s architecture clasps horizontal and vertical spaces in the structure. For the discussion, so-called discussion furniture designed by Ute Reeh and built by TECTA was used. Wall drawings were referencing from real space to the space between concept and reality, and to holes in concepts. What form does this space in between have? Who takes the responsability to realize ideas?

Video of the discussion, Kyotobar, Cologne, 21 January 2018 (Condensed to 20:38 min)