The second Meadow Talk

The second Meadow Talk took place on the occasion of the opening of the Tree Disk on the the Zentrum für Peripherie’s meadow, Nebelin, on Saturday, 03.06.2017, 3 p.m.

Tree and disk on the meadow of the Zentrum für Peripherie, Nebelin, Germany

Steffen Klotz and Paul Klever study Urban Design at the TU Berlin. They spent over a year studying the eastern German Prignitz region and exploring the nature of rural areas. They have identified forces that determine space and have retraced these forces’ modes of action and impact. Equipped with this knowledge, they explored possible future options. The results of the work were first presented here in the Prignitz.

After the presentation a discussion and supplementation took place. How could it look in the future? Which steps are feasible? What changes?

Thesis: From resilience to ingenuity.
Concerning peripheral regions, it can no longer only be about reacting to (externally constructed?) precarious situations (shrinkage etc.), but must be about organizing and strengthening one’s own (endogenous) potentials and resources.

Statement: This has something to do with art.