Video impressions from the workshops

Idea finding and planning workshops on Brandenburg’s Alhambra

Video duration 11:28 minutes

14-16 January 2021 — Idea finding workshop

From 14 to 16 January 2021, the Zentrum für Peripherie conducted a hybrid in-person and online idea generation workshop in Nebelin, Brandenburg. The workshop started with personal inputs from the villagers and the local administration and was based on the preliminary work of the research team on loam wall noise protection. The federal Bundesstiftung Baukultur , the Elbe River Landscape Biosphere Reserve and the Federal Highway Research Institute were involved. The strong interest in topics such as contemporary loam building culture, planning and technical innovation, soil as a building material, the idea of folded-up nature conservation and the integration into the landscape bordering the biosphere reserve led to the participation of key persons from the region as well as national and international specialists from various disciplines. Through the flowing transition between on-site planning and online meetings, the concrete work with plans and models was repeatedly supplemented by the view from outside. The interweaving of different spaces – the vicarage as a venue, aerial photographs and online conferences – made both the regional, individual and the supra-regional, social significance of the project tangible and concrete in planning terms. By means of this new format, it was possible to create a complex vision that was supported by all sides.

29. July – 1. August 2021 — Planning workshop

On 30 and 31 July 2021, the planning workshop took place in Nebelin, where the ideas and proposals of the first workshop and the conceptual preliminary work in the months thereafter were concretised in terms of feasibility.

The workshops for brainstorming and planning Brandenburg’s Alhambra were funded by the Postcode Lottery.