Picture Stories

Holes in Concepts

Concepts are helpful to understand the traditions and the expectations and suppositions arising therefrom, and to categorize them structurally. However, at the same time they occlude the view. They tend to rigidify the state-of-affairs such that it appears unalterable.

Complex reality
Complexity offers a ground for specific solutions.

Artists are experienced explorers of the areas between concepts and the world.

Artists like to make holes into beliefs and concepts.
Everybody can then look through these holes.

Things can actually be done or realized on the ground of these openings.

To show
By showing, possibilities become visible. The conceptual mist gets aerated.

From above
From above, the interactions of these possibilities with other situations and places become visible.

To lie
The presupposition “I can’t do anything!” lets many remain lying.

To stand up
Something that touches everybody causes many people to stand up.

Standing upright makes it easier to observe the aspiration for common threads with others …

… and for exchange.

who explores the field.

To dive
Diving stimulates the desire to explore unknown areas.

Dormant visions and capabilities become observable below existing concepts and beliefs.

Open sides

Between them
projects have their beginning.

Planner and administrations develop things for people, for the society, for a city, for a neighbourhood, for a school, a building, an organization ― for others.
In the frame of the classic method of participation, individuals do provide their ideas, but they are not involved in development, planning and strategies of a project.

In that case, discussions and idea generation take place on a conceptual level.
There is no ground contact.

Secure space
is necessary in order to be able to move around on the unfamiliar ground.
Spaces assigned for the development of open-ended processes need a form.

The Artist and her/his partner
hold this space.

Lateral sight on artistic processes
Participants in the collection of opportunities.

Holes in the concept
free the sight on the world.
Trash, hidden things, yearning, possibilities, beauty, humour can surface.

Good company
is needed in the case of such discoveries.

viewed under a temporal perspective.

Various groups
having different interests …

complement each other
and need communication spaces.

enriches the space in between and the quality of the results.

System (city) with undefined area

Drawings: Ute Reeh, 2016